Mark Hattabaugh



Mark Hattabaugh comes from a missionary family. He was raised in Argentina (South America) where his family was the founding missionaries. But his roots in missions go back even farther with his grandmother who was a missionary to Portugal.

After returning to America and graduating from Bible College, his ministry took him to many different places before becoming the Pastor of a thriving, multi-cultural church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His church has over 30 different nationalities and they have a Spanish and a Creole daughter work.


He is married and has a son. His family is a great source of help to him in this great endeavor. His love of missions and missionary kids continues as he takes a group of youth each year on the Youth on Missions tour.

Mandy Brown

Assistant Coordinator


Mandy (Carpenter) Brown comes from a missionary family and is an “MK Squared.” Her grandparents, Mack and Bobbie Carpenter, served as missionaries for over 50 years in countries throughout Southern Africa. She also spent her childhood as an MK immersed in the culture, language, and ministry of her family’s work in Zimbabwe and Swaziland (now Eswantini).  As most other third culture kids she learned at an early age to function as a member of two different societies and cultures.


As a young person, her family retired from the field and she spent her teen years in Madisonville, KY. She is thankful that through those years she was often able to travel with her father on short mission trips, and never wanted to miss an opportunity to do so. She even got to spend a summer between college semesters in South Africa working at the Bible School there.


          Mandy attended Indiana Bible College from 2001 to 2003 where she met and became engaged to David Brown. Early in 2003, David moved to Rock Island, Illinois to plant a daughter work church. He and Mandy were married in December of 2003, at which time she joined him in his work in Rock Island. It has been fifteen years, and there is now a thriving multicultural and multi generational church in their city. They have two awesome kids, Jonathan (twelve) and Sophia (nine).


          David has served as the Illinois District Youth president for the last three years. This position has given them even more opportunity to be involved in Global Missions through raising funds for SFC and as chaperones on multiple AYC trips (South Africa, Nicaragua, Zambia). These opportunities have solidified their love for and dedication to missions, as well as for equipping young people to succeed in the Kingdom of God!


Melinda Poitras



Melinda Danae Poitras moved to the mission field when she was seven weeks old. She spent six years with her parents and her sister in Nigeria followed by thirteen years in Ghana, West Africa. She left Ghana for Indianapolis, Indiana where she attended Indiana Bible College. After she graduated with her Bachelors in Biblical Studies with a Minor in Religious Education she moved to St. Louis, Missouri where she now resides once more with her parents and sister, Candra.


She has worked in schools, as a nanny, in a magazine office, and taken multiple missions trips since her return to the states. Now she attends New Life St. Louis where she serves on the Children’s and Youth Staff, and spends her spare time writing as much as she possibly can. Children, words, and missions are her favorite things, and they all come in handy with her work for MK Ministries. 

Barak Willoughby

Promotion Coordinator


Son to missionaries Steve and Barbara Willoughby, Barak was born in Malaysia and grew up in the metropolitan island of Singapore. Living and working there, he graduated university with a Bachelors in Business Administration. 


Upon returning to the states, he is an active member at Apostolic Center in Mattoon IL and has a deep passion and love for MKs. Having experienced the differences of living, working, and church ministry both overseas and in the U.S., he understands the challenges they present. 

Diane Howell

MK Ministries Advisor


Diane Howell was raised in Jackson, Mississippi where she met and married her husband, Bruce Howell. The Lord blessed them with 3 wonderful children and is now blessing them with grandchildren. In 1979 they became missionaries to El Salvador where they served for 22 years.


In 2001, they were elected as the General Director of Global Missions for the United Pentecostal Church International. Diane Howell has always had a love, burden and understanding for missionary kids because she raised her children on the field. Her desire is to see the Global Missions Division do all that it can to help the children of missionaries.

As the Advisor to MK Ministries, Sis. Howell links us to the Global Missions Administrative Committee.

Raymond Woodward

Liasion to the Global Missions Board


Rev. Raymond Woodward returned to his hometown of Fredericton to become the Lead Pastor of Capital Community Church on Pentecost Sunday in June 2001. He did his theological training at Northeast Christian College, where he also met his wife Beverley. Raymond has served as an instructor for theology, music, computer and business subjects at United Pentecostal Bible Institute, CompuCollege School of Business and the New Brunswick Community College, and also holds a degree in Adult Education at the University of New Brunswick. He also did a ten-year stint as the producer and host of a gospel radio show.

Nearly 25 years of pastoral ministry have seen Raymond travel extensively in the United States, Canada and abroad, sharing the Word of God in numerous meetings and conferences. He is an ordained minister of the United Pentecostal Church International and a sought-after Bible teacher.

The Woodwards live on the banks of the beautiful Nashwaak River in Marysville, an historic 19th century mill town adjacent to Fredericton where Raymond enjoys reading, biking and kayaking in his spare time.

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